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Please read the information on Our Covers page and review our Product Disclosure Statement in conjunction with our Cover Comparison tables.

Our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) tells you what you are and are not covered for under our policy. It highlights things such as insured events, claim limits, exclusions, discounts, benefits and information on how our claims process works.

You should read a PDS before purchasing insurance. You can read our PDS here.

Before you enter into any Policy with us, certain duties apply to you under the Insurance Contracts
Act (Insurance Contracts Act). The Insurance Contracts Act imposes a duty that applies until the
contract of insurance is entered into (or varied, renewed, extended or reinstated).

Your duty when you enter into a contract of insurance with us for the first time
When you answer our questions that are relevant to our decision about whether to accept the risk of
insurance and, if so, on what terms, you must take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation
to us before the insurance contract is entered into.

It is important that you understand you are answering our questions in this way for yourself and
anyone else that you want to be covered by the contract of insurance.

Your duty when you vary, renew, extend or reinstate the contract of insurance
When you are proposing to renew, vary, extend or reinstate your Policy with us we may ask you to
answer questions that are relevant to our decision whether to accept the risk of insurance and, if so,
on what terms. Your duty is to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation to us before the
insurance contract is varied, renewed, extended or reinstated.
We may also give you a copy of anything you have previously told us and ask you to tell us if it has
changed. If we do this:

  • you must tell us about any change (if you do not tell us about a change, you will be taken to have told us that there is no change); or
  • tell us that there is no change.

What is taken into account to determine whether you have taken reasonable care
Whether you have taken reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation will be determined with
regard to all relevant circumstances, including:

  • the product type and its target market;
  • explanatory material or publicity produced or authorised by us;
  • how clear, and how specific any questions we asked were and how clearly we communicated to you the importance of answering those questions, and the possible consequences of failing to do so;
  • whether or not an agent was acting for you;
  • whether the contract was a new contract or was being renewed, extended, varied or reinstated;
  • any particular characteristics or circumstances relating to you which we are aware or ought reasonably to have been aware of.
Any misrepresentation made fraudulently is a breach of your duty.

Who needs to tell us?
This duty applies to you and everyone that is insured under the contract of insurance.

If you do not tell us
If you, or anyone insured under your Policy, fails to comply with this duty, we may be entitled to
reduce our liability under your contract of insurance in respect of a claim, cancel the contract or
both. If the non-disclosure is fraudulent, we may also have the option of treating your contract of
insurance as if it never existed.

Please visit our Make a Claim page.

PIP landlord insurance is underwritten and issued by certain underwriters of Lloyd’s and referred to in the policy wording as we, us, or our.

This insurance is distributed by The PropLab Group Pty Ltd trading as Property Insurance Plus (ABN 59 009 357 582 AFSL 236663) acts under a binding authority from our underwriter.

Our building insurance policies pay a policyholder (or carry out the works) up to a set financial limit. This is called the sum-insured and represents the maximum value of your policy. Choosing the right sum-insured for your property and contents is important. Estimate the cost to rebuild your property using a sum insured Calculator

CLICK HERE to submit a cancellation online via our secure cancellation form.

Interpretation Services

Translating and Interpreting Services (TIS) are available 24/7 and their interpreters speak over 150 languages.

You can choose to Book an appointment with TIS with their easy to use portal, or call them on 131 450.

Teletypewriter Services

National Relay Service (NRS) allows people who are deaf, hard of hearing and/or have a speech impairment to make and receive phone calls. Their website has multiple options to choose from. Click Here to be redirected to their site.

CLICK HERE to understand why we have restrictions on our platform.

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