What should I do when something goes wrong?

These are some of the actions you can take to assist and support a claim:

Immediately advise the police of any malicious damage or act, theft, attempted theft, or burglary and give them a list of items damaged, stolen or lost.

Claims of this kind will require a supporting police report. You will need the name of the station and officer you reported the incident to, the date it was reported and a copy of the police report or log number of the call made to police.

As soon as you become aware of any loss, damage or liability please let us know about it. We will help advise and explain the next steps you should take. We may also arrange for an assessor to attend and inspect your property if required.

Do everything you reasonably can to prevent any further damage from occurring. In the event of severe storm or impact damage, contact the State Emergency Service or your local council to assist.

Do not authorise repairs outside of those which provide safety to your property and emergency services to your tenant.

During a claim, you must make your damaged property available for inspection by us if needed. In some instances, you may be required to deliver the property to us. We may keep any recovered or damaged item that we have agreed to replace for you.
When you make a claim you may be required to provide proof of your ownership, including the value of the items you are claiming for. It is always advisable to keep receipts, invoices or sales contracts to support your loss.

If you receive notification of any claim made against you, you should promptly forward to us any demand, writ, summons or proceedings which you receive relating to any prosecution, inquest or legal action and all other information relevant to those matters where any liability under this policy may arise.

You MUST NOT admit guilt or liability or offer to settle any claim without our prior consent.

How to make a claim?

We will require certain information and documents to assess your loss. The list below can help determine what we’ll need you to supply:

Please fill in our online claim form and our claims team will be in touch to progress your claim.

  • For rent loss, you will need documents like your lease agreement, rent ledger, tribunal notices, bond receipts and communication between you or your agent and the tenant regarding the loss.
  • When claiming damages, you will need to provide photos of the damaged items, a trade report determining the cause of damage, along with ingoing, routine and outgoing condition reports. If you have obtained quotes for repair, we will require you to supply at least 2.

This is just an example of what’s needed, our claims team may request further information during the assessment process. Sometimes claims are more difficult to process and may require additional information or support. In some instances, we may need to appoint a loss adjustor. Please contact us should you need to discuss any aspect of your claim.

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