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Established in 2009

Property Insurance Plus (PIP) is an Australian owned and operated company. Our business is built on the extensive experience our team shares across the landlord insurance and real estate sectors.

Peace of Mind

We deliver easy to understand, cost-effective insurance protection. We support investors by providing optimal cover benefits, combined with cost-effective premiums. Backed by our low claims excess and customer service, our policies deliver true peace of mind.

Personalised Service

We are a locally based team (of real people) that work together to support our clients. When you contact PIP, you'll receive personalised service and our team will listen to your questions or concerns and assist you accordingly.

Our Team

Real Estate Agents

If you are a Real Estate Agent and would like more information about providing insurance cover to your landlords, contact one of our agents in your nearest location.

Feel free to call us 1300 307 072.

Supported by Insurx

Supported by Insurx

Backed by Asset Insure

Backed by Asset Insure

Samantha Smith

M. 0411 430 336

E. sam@pi-plus.com.au

Jill Hockey

M. 0432 233 134

E. jill@pi-plus.com.au

Garry Thomas

M. 0468 858 555

E. garry@pi-plus.com.au

Brad Yen

M. 0411 105 562

E. brad@pi-plus.com.au

Brenda Hunter

M. 0422 593 333

E. brenda@pi-plus.com.au

Dedicated Real Estate Agent Login

Many Real Estate Agents across Australia confidently refer PIP to their clients as they recognise the price and benefit value of our policy, combined with the client-focused service we deliver.         

We have an agent portal to make insurance services easy to access for registered real estate professionals too.

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"I definitely recommend Property Insurance Plus. They cover contamination and are also a specialist insurance company. They cover FDV I've found them to be the BEST value for money!"
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"Very happy with my recent experience with PIP Insurance. I highly recommend Lucy who helped me with the claim process making it seem very easy and straightforward."
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"We wanted to extend our appreciation to all involved in the process. Garry was instrumental, helpful and professional. A big thank you to all who helped turn around this difficult situation."

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