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Holiday Building Insurance for Standalone Properties

The level of cover you need will depend on the type of property you own. If your rental property is a house, you will need Building Insurance AND Landlord Insurance.

If your rental property is a unit within a complex and within an Owners Corporation (also known as a Body Corporate or Strata) you need Landlord insurance. The Owners Corporation should already have insurance cover for the building.  If your property is used for short-stay accommodation or holiday rentals, please refer to our Holiday Property Protection Policy. To find out more about the different levels of cover click on the options below.

Landlord insurance covers the rental income that your property earns, public liability, malicious and accidental damage, pet damage and theft of the property contents (carpets, blinds, underlays, light fittings and any other household items owned by you for the tenants use).

The policy includes coverage for loss of rental income up to 52 weeks if the property becomes uninhabitable due to covered damages like fire or severe weather. It also covers legal expenses, accidental or deliberate damage to contents by tenants, and legal liability up to $20 million, ensuring protection against claims for injuries that occur on the property.

Landlord insurance

Weekly Rent
Up To $1,250
Up To:
Tenant Default – Financial Hardship
12 Weeks
Tenant Default – Departure without notice
20 Weeks
Tenant Default – Court Ordered Termination
20 Weeks
Tenant Default – Domestic Violence
20 Weeks
Tenant Default – Death, Murder or Suicide
26 Weeks
No vacant Possession
52 Weeks
Loss of Rent due to damage accepted under the policy
52 Weeks
Accidental loss or Damage to your contents
Deliberate Damage to contents by tenant
Theft by Tenants
Damage to Contents due to illegal drugs
Legal Expenses
Damage by Tenants Pets
Fumigations Costs
Tax Audit
Locks & Keys
Garbage Removal
Legal Liability Cover
Re-letting Fees
Up to $500
$250 per claim
Accidental Damage by a Third Party other than your Tenant
Additional $250 per claim
Accidental Damage by Tenant including Damage by Pets
Additional $250 per claim
Theft by Tenant
Additional $250 per claim
Electric Motor Burnout
Additional $300 per claim
Additional $500 per claim
Earthquake, tsunami or volcanic eruption
Additional $5,000 per claim
Tenant Damage and Tenant Default where property is self-managed
1 week rent
Tenant Damage and Tenant Default where managed by a licensed property manager
Loss of Rent
Premium **
$351 / year
$341 / year
$351 / year
$358 / year
$381 / year
$441 / year
$341 / year

*Conditions limits and exclusions apply. Please read our policy disclosure documents for more information.

**Prices subject to change


Landlord insurance is specifically designed to protect property owners who rent out their properties. It covers financial losses connected with rental activities, including property damage due to accidents or natural disasters, loss of rental income and liability in case tenants or visitors get injured on the property. 

This type of insurance is crucial for landlords as it provides financial security against the unique risks associated with leasing properties, helping to ensure that investment properties remain profitable and protected against unforeseen events.

Landlord rental insurance differs from standard homeowner’s insurance primarily in its focus on rental activities. While homeowner’s insurance covers personal residences and protects against common risks like fire, theft and natural disasters, landlord insurance also includes protection against loss of rental income, tenant damage and liability issues more specific to renting properties. This makes landlord insurance essential for property owners who lease their properties, providing additional coverage tailored to the risks of being a landlord.

Landlord insurance typically covers property damage due to events like fire, storms and vandalism, as well as loss of rental income if the property becomes uninhabitable. It also includes liability coverage, protecting landlords from legal and medical costs if someone gets injured on the property. Some policies offer additional protection against tenant-related risks, such as malicious damage or failure to pay rent, providing comprehensive security for rental property investments.

Yes, having a rental agreement or lease in place does not replace the need for landlord insurance. While a lease outlines the obligations and rights of tenants and landlords, landlord insurance protects against financial losses from property damage, liability claims and loss of rental income due to unforeseen events. It’s a critical safeguard that provides comprehensive protection beyond what a rental contract can offer.

Landlords interested in a landlord insurance quote with Property Insurance Plus can get in touch with a member of our team by submitting an online enquiry form or giving us a call at 1300 307 072.

When calculating a landlord’s insurance quote, insurers evaluate various factors that affect the perceived risk and cost. These include the property’s value and location, which influence potential exposure to natural disasters and local crime rates. 

The type of property, such as an apartment, single-family home or duplex, also plays a role. Rental income is considered to determine the necessary coverage for potential loss of rent. The nature of the tenancy — whether the property is rented to long-term tenants or used for short-term vacation rentals — alters the risk profile. 

The choices landlords make about deductibles, specific additional coverages like flood or earthquake protection and levels of liability coverage can also influence the overall cost.

Yes, Property Insurance Plus offers different types of landlord insurance policies tailored to various needs. Their coverage includes options for standard residential properties typically rented to long-term tenants, as well as specialised policies for holiday properties that might be listed on platforms like Airbnb and 

These diverse policies can accommodate different levels of coverage for building, contents and liability, along with protection against loss of rental income and tenant-related damages. This variety allows landlords to choose a policy that best matches their specific rental scenario and risk exposure.

Yes, landlord insurance can cover loss of rental income if your property becomes uninhabitable due to covered events such as a fire, natural disaster or major damage. Having this coverage at your disposal helps mitigate financial loss while repairs are made, ensuring you maintain a healthy, consistent income during such disruptions.

While landlord insurance is not required by law, it is highly recommended. While not legally mandatory, having this insurance is crucial for protecting your investment against potential damages, loss of rental income and liability claims that standard homeowner’s insurance might not cover. It offers significant financial security for property owners in the rental market, which can sometimes become unpredictable.

Yes, Property Insurance Plus offers a 5% discount over the life of your policy for customers who purchase their landlord insurance online.

The PIP Advantage

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*For new policies purchased after 6th July 2023 with a start date on or after 1st August 2023.

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Disclosure Documents

In order to make an informed assessment of your risk and understand whether our policy suits your needs, please read our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and related documents.

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